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Description of the Competition:
2-24 October 2005

Description of the Competition The Competition was preceded by a Preliminary Round
held 23-29 September 2005 simultaneously in the Fryderyk Chopin Academy
and in the Palace of Culture and Science. The main Competition was held from
October 2nd to the 24th, 2005, in the National Philharmonic.

257 pianists from 35 countries, including 47 from Poland, entered in the Preliminary Round. 80 candidates, representing 19 countries, qualified for the main Competition. In their number were 20 Polish pianists.

The Preliminary Round Jury comprised 20 members (all Polish). The Competition Jury consisted of 19 persons, including 8 Polish Jurors.

The Preliminary Round used a system of points awarded for each performance on a scale
of 1 to100. At the end of the Preliminary Round the Jury received an anonymous list
of average scores of the candidates arranged from the highest to the lowest.
Selected for the main Competition were 80 candidates with the highest scores.
Their names were published in alphabetical order. Jurors did not assess their students.
The final average was calculated by correcting the numbers of awarded points which
deferred from the first average by 10 or more points according to the algorithm
specified in the Rules of the Preliminary Round Jury.

The assessment system of the main Competition was based on the YES / NO votes expressing
the Jurors’ opinions on whether a participant should be passed into the next stage.
The Jurors also assessed each performance by awarding points on a scale of 1 to 100.
The average score was calculated through corrections, just like in the Preliminary Round.
The margins used were 10, 7, 5, 1 for Stage 1 and 2 and for two consecutive ratings
in the Final respectively (the first rating selected the six prize-winners, the second used
a 1-to-6 scale to allocate places, e.g. 4 points equalled fourth place). In the second rating
procedure the Jurors did not employ the YES / NO system.

During discussions the Jurors made decisions by a show of hands, without knowing
the pianists’ names, taking into account the number of the YES votes.
Only in case of doubt whether a participant should be passed the average score was disclosed.

Prize I

Rafał Blechacz 
Prize II

Prize III

Dong Hyek Lim 
(South Korea)
Prize III

Dong Min Lim
(South Korea)
Prize IV

Takashi Yamamoto
Prize IV

Shohei Sekimoto
Prize V

Prize VI

Ka Ling
Colleen Lee