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01 - 22 October 1995

Attended by 130 participants from 32 countries.
The jury assessed the artistic interpretation of the competitors according
to the same rules as used in the previous Competition.

Prize I

nie przyznano
Prize II

      Philippe Giusiano    
Prize II

Alexei Sultanov

Prize III

Gabriela Montero
Prize IV

Rem Urasin
Prize V

Rika Miyatani

Prize VI

Magdalena Lisak

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance
of the mazurkas
- not awarded.

The Frederick Chopin Society Prize for the best performance
of a polonaise
- not awarded.

The National Philharmonic Prize for the best performance
of a concerto
- not awarded.

Honourable mention:

Nelson Goerner (Argentina), Nami Ejiri (Japan),
Andrey Ponochevny (Belarus), Katia Skanavi (Russia).