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07 - 28 October 1975

Attended by 84 pianists from 22 countries.
The jury assessed the artistic interpretation of each of the participants on a scale of 1-25 points.
The average was calculated by dividing the sum of all the points won by a given candidate
by the number of judges. Results of the second stage were obtained on the basis
of a sum of the averages won by the participants in the first and second stages,
while the outcome of the third stage was based on the average points won in the first,
second and third stages. After the auditions and the completion of the calculations,
the Competition Director informed the jury of the results of the first stage of the auditions
in the form of a list of the averages of the assessments, from highest to lowest, but without the names
of the candidates. Once the jury determined the number of the participants
who passed to the second stage, the Director presented a list of participants arranged
in alphabetical order. A similar procedure was applied after the second and third stage.
After the finale, the Competition Director informed the jury of the sums of the averages
of the points obtained by the participants of the finale in all stages, as well as the finale,
and decisions were made as regards the prizes.

Prize I

Krystian Zimerman

Prize II

Dina Joffe
Prize III

Tatyana Fedkina
Prize IV

Pavel Gililov
Prize V

Dean Kramer
Prize VI

Diana Kacso

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance
of the mazurkas went to
Krystian Zimerman.

The Fryderyk Chopin Society Prize for the best performance
of a polonaise was awarded to
Krystian Zimerman.

Honourable mention:

Elzbieta Tarnawska (Poland), Wiktor Vasilyev (USSR), John Hendrickson (Canada),
Katarzyna Popowa-Zydron (Poland), Neal Larrabee (USA), Alexander Urvalov (USSR),
William Wolfram (USA), Dan Atanasiu (Rumania).