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22 February - 13 March 1965

Attended by 76 pianists from 30 countries.
The jury assessed the performances on a scale of 1-25 points.
It allowed 36 candidates into the second stage in the order of the number of points obtained.
The third stage was reached by 12 pianists. Six candidates for the main prizes
played in the finale in a sequence decided by the points won in the third stage.
The order of the prize winners was decided upon the basis
of the sum total of the average of the points gained in all three stages as well as the finale.

Prize I

Martha Argerich
Prize II

Arthur Moreira-Lima
Prize III

Marta Sosińska
Prize IV

Hiroko Nakamura
Prize V

Edward Auer
Prize VI

Elżbieta Głąbówna

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance
of the mazurkas went to
Martha Argerich.

The Fryderyk Chopin Society Prize for the best performance
of a polonaise was awarded to
Marta Sosinska.

Honourable mention:

Marek Jablonski (Canada), Tamara Koloss (USSR), Wiktorya Postnikova (USSR),
Blanka Uribe (Columbia), Lois Carole Pachucki (USA), Ewa Maria Zuk (Venezuela)