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15 September - 15 October 1949

Attended by 54 pianists from 14 countries.
The jury assessed participants of the Competition by using a scale of 1-25 points.
A minimum of 18 points was needed to qualify for entry to the next stage of the Competition.
The final sequence of the prize winners was determined by the total
of points won in the second and third stages.

Prize I
(ex aequo)

Bella Davidovich
Prize I
(ex aequo)

Prize II

Prize III

Waldemar Maciszewski
Prize IV

Georgi Muravlov
Prize V

Władysław Kędra
Prize VI

Ryszard Bakst

  Prize VII Evgeni Malinin (USSR)
  Prize VIII Zbigniew Szymonowicz (Poland)
  Prize IX Tamara Guseva (USSR)
  Prize X Wictor Mershanov (USSR)
  Prize XI Regina Smendzianka (Poland)
  Prize XII Tadeusz Å»mudziński (Poland)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas went to Halina Czerny-Stefanska